Gas Thermal Mass Flow controller


The Brooks model 5850TR TMF flow controller accurately measures and controls gas flows. It provides a simple and direct mass flow measurement and stable control


Thermal mass flow technology uses thermodynamic principles to derive actual mass flow. TMF exhibit high repeatability and accuracy. In the 5850TR device, thermal mass flow sensor is combined with an integral control valve and a control circuit in one compact, efficient instrument that can accurately control the flow of gases or liquids over a wide range of flow rates.





± 1% full scale including linearity
measured at calibrated conditions
± 0.25% full scale




50 to1


0.1% full scale/oC
± 0.5% full scale max. deviation
from specified accuracy





Control and Readout Equipment 5878






The 5870 series 'Control and Read-Out Equipment' has been designed to power and control Mass Flow Controllers.


The 31/2-digit L.E.D. display calibrated flowrate calibrated in percentage of flow.


The rotary switches are used to select independent blending modes per chan­nel or select the remote setpoints.


The ten-turn potentiometers are used to set the flowrate.




Devices new (never used), tested.

Price Euro 2'000.00 + VAT and transport


1 Brooks model 5850TR TMF flow controller,  Ar calibrated, 0 - 4 ln/minute

1 Brooks model 5850TR TMF flow controller,  Ar calibrated, 0 - 20 ln/minute

1 Brooks model 5878 series Control and Read-Out Equipment for 4 TMF flow controller.

2 cables for flow controller

1 power cable

2 calibration sheets

1 manual Brooks Mass Flow Meter / Controller Model 5850TR

1 manual Brooks control an readout equipmant for thermal mass flowmeters


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