Plasma Cleaning Chamber

Quartz chamber size; D104mm x L150mm

Plasmod Plasma System

March's Plasmod, is a tabletop plasma chemistry reactor designed to provide the scientific community with plasma technology at a moderate cost. Plasmod provide such capability with a simple to operate instrument which can perform repeatable plasma chemical reactions. All controls are manual or can be automate with the GCM-200 Gas Control Module.

 The Plasmod now comes with a 250 watt, 13.56 MHz, solid state generator, making the Plasmod capable of delivering the highest power/plasma density available.


PLASMOD Specifications

Dimensions:                        27.9 cm x 30.5 cm x 43.2 cm

 Weight:                                 16Kg

Chamber                                Quartz, L 15 cm x D 10.5 cm

RF Generator:                       Level: 0 - 250 watts Output Frequency: 13.56 MHz

Tuning                                    Variable matching network

Process gas:                        delivery system to adapt to Required 1/4” Swagelock fittings and operate at 690 – 1034mbar

Facilities:                                2 outlets (for GCM.200 and pump).

Exhaust:                                filter or exhaust line to outside

Power:                                    115 VAC 50/60 Hz 7 amp line service

Gas Control Modules GCM-200

The GCM-200 is used to control the gas flow in a vacuum chamber, to monitor the chamber.  It is used for instance with a Plasmod plasma chemistry reactor to automate processes by pushing a single switch that initiates and automate the entire process. The device controls the flow of two gases and the pressure in the reaction chamber,

GCM-200 specifications

Digital timer                                                  0-99min 59 sec            .

Timer Display                                                Displays elapsed time                                              

Operating Pressure points                            0 – 1 torr adjustable set

Gas channel                                                  2                          

Gas Flow                                                        0 – 65 cc/min of air at Standard Temperature & Pressure                                

Dimensions                                                    23cm x 29.5cm x 32.5cm       

Weight                                                            5.9Kg


When the GCM-200 is switched on, the needle of the pressure meter comes to 1a tm = 760 Torr.

The flow rate of each gas is defined with the 2 adjustable flowmeters: 0 - 50cc / minute.
when the pressure set by the red dial needle is reached, the gas flow is stopped and start again when the pressure comes down.
The counter is used to define the usage time.

Devices as new, tested.
Quartz chamber clean
Spare parts available (quartz chamber, power tube, etc)

Price including Plasmod, GCM-200, câbles, test protocol, user's manual: Euro 5'000.- +VAT and transport