Alcatel Turbomolecular Pump 5401 CP with controller

Almost new 726,9h

Pumping Speed Nitrogen 

400.0  l/s  (847.6 CFM)

Ultimate Pressure 

7.50E-9  torr  (10.00E-9 mbar)

Inlet Flange 

ISO-K     160.0  mm  (6.299 in)

Foreline Flange 

KF     40.0  mm  (1.575 in)

Controller Included 


Cables Included 


The Alcatel 5400 CP turbo molecular high vacuum pump has a pumping speed of 400 liters per second (l/s). The Alcatel 5400 CP turbo molecular pump inlet is LF 160 with a ISO KF-40 exhaust foreline flange. The Alcatel 5400 CP turbomolecular pump can be used for all general-purpose and corrosive high vacuum applications. The 5-axis magnetically levitated turbopump with drag stage has a pump speed of up to 400 l/s for N2. This Alcatel 5400 CP turbo pumps is an almost new high vacuum pump and have been fully tested

Type: 56984    No 1097