Turbomolecular Pump Varian Turbo-V 1000HT + Controller

Pumpimg speed 1000l/s

Turbo-V 1000HT

Model 969-9074 (220Vac operation)
Serial  65036

Inlet Flange       DN-200 ISO
Outlet Flange    DN-40 KF


The Turbo-V 1000HT series pumps are turbo-molecular pumps for high and ultra-high vacuum applications and can pump any type of gas or gas compound. They are not suitable for pumping liquids or solid particles. The pumping action is obtained through a high speed turbine (max. 38000 rpm) driven by a high-performance 3-phase electric motor.

The Turbo-V 1000HT pumps are free of contaminating agents and, therefore, are suitable for applications requiring a "clean" vacuum.

The Turbo-V1000HT pump consists of a high frequency motor driving a turbine fitted with 8 bladed stages and 4 Macrotorr stages. The turbine rotates in an anticlockwise direction when viewed from the high vacuum flange end.
The turbine is made of high-strength, light aluminium alloy, and is machined from a single block of aluminium. The turbine stages have six different angles, from 44
° to 16°, while the Macrotorr stages are in form of discs.

The turbine rotor is supported by permanently lubricated high precision ceramic ball bearings installed on the forevacuum side of the pump. The static blades of the stator are made of stainless steel with five different blade angles from 44° to 16°. These are supported and accurately positioned by spacer rings. The Macrotorr stators are in the form of selfpositioning machined discs with pumping channels and an opening restricted by the corresponding rotor discs. These are made of aluminium alloy.

During normal operation, the motor is fed with a voltage of 56 Vac three-phase at 633 Hz. To reduce losses during start-up to a minimum, the frequency increases according to a ramp with a higher initial voltage/frequency ratio. The pump must operate with forced air cooling. A water cooling kit is available to cool the pump in the cases where it is used under heavy load or when forced air is insufficient for cooling purposes.

A thermistor sensor is mounted near the upper bearing to prevent the pump from overheating. The thermistor sensor, the motor stator windings and the earth are connected to a Turbo-V controller through a 8 pin socket on the side of the pump.

The pump is balanced after assembly with a residual vibration amplitude less than 0.01
mm. The pump can operate in any position and can be supported on the high vacuum flange or on its base. The connection of the forevacuum on the side of the pump is a KF 40 flange.


Model    9699454
Serial      60024

Price including

Euro 4'500.- +VAT and transport

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