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Marketing on the Internet

The Internet Marketing Story

Your customers are beginning to tell you that they do have an Internet mail address. Your friends are asking you if you have " surfed the WEB " with MOSAIC or NETSCAPE. Your more computer literate friends have shown you a demo of the WEB, and it leaves you wondering what you can do with it !

Not a Surfer

You do not want to play on the net. You don't want to surf or to become a cybernaute.

Your business can use this technology to reach out and touch someone.

People who need your business product and services don't yet know about you and all the advantages that you can bring them. For business reason you want to move your business onto INTERNET. Your problem is to understand how the INTERNET can help your business to be more effective. There is bewildering array of services available.There are many claims and counterclaims as to which way is the best. It is way to easy jump off diving board into the deep end and get lost in the churning, murky waters of a technological see. You want to find new customers, improve old customer's relation, improve your products and improve your bottom line.

The Service Provider's Role

You want to use the Internet to complement your long term business, marketing and International Trade strategies. The Internet, as a set of marketing tools, is an effective new medium for your messages.

MAS SA helps his clients understand their Internet requirements from a business perspective and helps them to build a business oriented Internet marketing plan or more simply to connect to the net.

A New Public Relation Medium

The Internet see the rise of direct interaction with commercial enterprises. It is a new generation of public relations. It is the first interactive medium. It is both a mass and a niche medium. It works partly like TV, partly like print and partly like direct mail. It is new and different. MAS SA Tecvision Division can help your company understand the use of this new medium and to set your Internet goals to match your company business and marketing objective.

Getting Paid

The newest developments on the net are business transactions. It started with Credit Card acceptance for consumer goods. The Electronic Commerce will be very soon the vast majority of business transactions. When you put your business on the INTERNET n a public manner, you must think about it as an extension of your external marketing strategy. It will be judged as such by the people who use it.

Internet is cheap

Internet is much cheaper that any other telecommunication medium. MAS SA will help you to perform an initial study that will uncover your need. The development effort should not only be driven from the technology perspective of what is possible but also from what is available today. The development of you message content is largely inside your own organisation within the frame of this new perspective.

Our Capabilities

MAS SA helps you to set-up your business on Internet

WEB Pages
Creating, editing and installing your WEB Page on Internet
Installing your own WEB server to Internet
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