For SMD components or similar. Goal.

Exemple: Exhaustive inspection of square mineral blanks, elimination of chipped, broken or out of dimensions pieces.

Method : Pieces are brought to the observation's room by means of a vibrating bowl, followed by a proprietary gravitational separating device. Images of the two faces of each piece are taken in flight by means of two cameras situated on either side of the observation's room. The images are then analyzed by computer. The result is transmitted to a deflector, that deviates in flight the pieces to the good or the defective bucket.

Performance : The system is capable to inspect 100 % pieces in real time, at the cadence of 10 pieces/second.

Description :

The pieces are square 2 x 2 mm, thickness 0.8 mm, in marcassite, a very dark material. Carefull study of the gravitational separation has been completed by mean of an ultra fast SP2000 Kodak video camera. The components are initially placed in the vibrating bowl 6. Flow is tuned by the amplitude of the vibrations. A small air jet pushes the pieces out of the bowl. Each piece falls into the observations's room where it is detected by interrupting a narrow laser ray produced by the laser 4 and detected by the device 5. Laser power is regulated and the detector is optimised for stability, speed and sensivity. When the piece is in the midle of the observation's room a very short pulse of light of stable intensity and duration is transmitted by the laser stroboscope 13. The resulting picture is captured by the high resolution asynchrone video camera 1. The video picture is sent to the computer 14 where it is digitalised and analysed. Resolution depends of the positions of the lens 3 and of the video camera 1. Chosen resolution is 0,005mm.

Two tasks are performed by the computer:

If both analyses are positive, the galvanometric deflector is switched to " good " and the piece falls in to the proper bucket.

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