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Laserix has been grounded by Prof. Pierre Ravussin, first under the name of LaserVET. Prof. Pierre Ravussin has a long story of laser developpment. He has built the world first industrial laser for welding of tiny watch components for companies like Omega. Astronaut Edwin Aldrin was wearing in the moon module an Omega Speedmaste watch welded with a ML01 ruby laser machine built by Prof. Pierre Ravussin

Laserix SA will first look for the veterinary market where the regulatory barriers are the lowest and the product tested and ready. (athlete horses and pets).


Horse cartilage is the nearest approximation of human cartilage and results on horses are considered as preclinical test for human.


For human, Cartilex will eliminate symptoms, restore normal biomechanics of the joint, stimulate new hyaline cartilage growth and at long term, prevents the emergence of osteoarthritis and the necessity for arthroplasty (implant).

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