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A first in the equestrian world:

a second life for horses affected by osteoarthritis


Cartilex process

Prof P. Ravussin discovered that an exogenous dye that is already used in heart surgery, fixes itself at the surface of the articular cartilage. The coloured surface absorbs the light from a simple and cheap diodes laser. The cartilage surface a simple and cheap diodes laser. The cartilage surface can be smoothed without any drawback.


The thoroughbred stallion Cominols, suffered from mild osteoarthritis and ulceration of the cartilage in his left front fetlock. The horse has supported the laser resurfacing and debridement of the ulcer performed by Dr. vet Theo Tschanz , veterinary surgeon at the equine clinic Neugraben SA in August 2014.

According to the official newsletter of the races and Livestock No. 19 of August 24, 2015, "Cominols" won the race "Weltmeisterschaftslauf Fegentri 1600 m in Dielsdorf near Zurich, Switzerland, one year after Cartilex treatment.