High Vacuum Equipment        

Used equipment coming from a private high  vacuum laboratory

Turbomolecular Pumps with Control Unit

Turbomolecular Pump Test Bench
Varian 1000HT                1000l/s (with controller, tested)
Alcatel 5401                      400l/s  (with controller, tested)
Edwards ETP 100_200     200l/s  (with controller, tested)
Pfeiffer Balzers TPU170  170l/s  (with controller, tested)

Vacuum Measurement

Leybold-Hereaus Diavac-K large manometric gauge                                       1 to 1000mbar

        Pfeiffer Balzers FullRange Gauge PKR251                            tested                   5 x 10
-9  to 1000mbar
        Pfeiffer Balzers  total pression controller TPG251 for above tested

        Balzers TPR017KF compact pirani gauge                               tested                   8 x 10-4  to 1000mbar
        Balzers IKR0020 compact cold cathode gauge               
       tested                   10-10 to 5 x 10-3 mbar
        Balzers TPG 300 Total Pressure Controller for above           tested

        Leybold Thermovac TM20 pirani gauge                                                               5 x 10-3  to 1000mbar

Gas Control Equipment

        Cleaning Plasma Chamber
        Mass Flow controller

          Automatic Vacuum Gas Regulating Device


    Automatic regulating valve RME 010 with control unit

Vacuum Accessories

        KF bellows hoses
Mechanical pusher


Other Equipment

    Transparent dessicator (tested)

For more details call induplan@vtxnet.ch